Darshan Raja Rayan

Concept Art

This is the work I produced for Concept Art for Video Games

Concept Artist for Video Games is an Artist who produces the video game's visual look which will be referenced by the Art production team of the video game publisher/ developer. The team usually consists of Game Designer, Level Design Team, Animators, Texture artist etc. The team try to interpert the concept art work.

I hope that you will enjoy the work I have produced and please feel free to comment about my work by emailing me

Character Design

Electro Toad
Electro Toad
Electro Toad
Turk fat robo solider

Action Scene

Maskarehas Bull
Twin Dragons 1
Electro Toad
Electro Toad in Action


Wizzard Island

Interior and Architecture

Dragon City
Palace Turk
Interior dome

Transport and Weapon Design

Watch this space